Man Spends $50,000 So He Can Transform Into A ‘Sexless’ Extraterrestrial


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We’ve all seen dramatic plastic surgery transformations before. Most of the time, someone will get a nose job or a face lift to make themselves look younger. More avid plastic surgery fans may take it a step further, perhaps trying to model themselves after a specific comic book character they identify with. The next example of body alteration is more deeply rooted in a psychological need to strip away the gender culturally-assigned to an individual that doesn’t feel that they identify with those “norms.” You have to see the dramatic transformation of Vinny Ohh, a Los Angeles model who wants to become a “genderless” extraterrestrial.

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There is no shortage of shocking examples of body alteration and transformation on the internet. Recently, this man underwent surgery to resemble his pet parrot as closely as possible. Sometimes, though, a person may drastically transform their body because they identify more with a certain gender or sex.


Or maybe they don’t identify with any sex as culture has defined it up until this point… Meet 22-year-old Vinny Ohh from Los Angeles, California. This is one of the only images we have from before his dramatic physical transformation.

Daily MailCaters News Agency

Vinny has decided to make a serious change in his life. He wants to look like a “genderless” extraterrestrial.

Daily MailCaters News Agency

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