These Are The 15 Countries With The Most Gorgeous Women In The World

13. Philippines. Women from the Philippines range in skin shade and hair texture, making for a diversifying look amongst the population. These women are well-known for winning beauty pageants, acting, and modeling.


14. Russia. Russian women are known for their beautiful hair, whether it be blonde, brown, or red they typically have very thick and long hair. Not all Russian women are tall though, in fact, some are quite small! But they’re beautiful all the same.


15. Sweden. Much like Dutch women, Swedish women are known for being blonde, tall, and fair-skinned. But, more importantly, Swedish women are known for being immensely sweet and well educated.

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16. Iran. Iranian women are fashionable, trendy, and smart. Their skin is a beautiful golden brown and their hair can be wavy, straight or curly. Iranian women are known to be serious go-getters who love exploring the world and are super friendly.

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